The Marketing 4Ps

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The “famous” Marketing 4P’s are nothing but the basic Marketing Mix factors to focus on when analyzing or developing any marketing action.

These simple and basic factors are:

  • 1. Product
  • 2. Price
  • 3. Promotion
  • 4. Place

Certain economic sectors would have to regard some other factors in addition to these 4, but never less.

1. Product

These first P may be the least understood from all the 4 P’s.

It is not just describing your “product” as you would like the customer to regard it, but deeply defining what are you really selling to your customers:

  • The experience.
  • The features.
  • The quantity.
  • The alternatives.
  • The complementary products you offer.

We bet you have ever been into a McDonald’s.

  • It is one of the most valuable brands in history, employing 1.7 million people.
  • Their restaurants are always full of happy children… and not only children.

How did they “do it”? Well… First of all, don’t just think about their burgers:

Think about the experience they sell; what people feel when visiting a McDonald’s:

  • The children have a “Toy” when they order a Happy Meal.
  • All the smell you love when entering a McDonald’s.
  • The memories you have playing with your friends.
  • You may bring your children since you associate it with nice moments.
  • Moreover, the taste of their hamburgers has not varied since you were a child.

They sell this; an Oasis where you can remember good old times.

Lot of things in your life may have changed, but you know that the taste of a Big Mac will remain the same, as well as the child-friendly feeling you find at McDonald’s.

2. Price

As we explained on “Marketing Strategy”, it is important to focus not just on the “price-number” itself, but in the Real value your product has.

You must take into account:

  • Competitor prices.
  • Alternative products you may find in the market.
  • Your Marketing Strategy:
    • High or low perceived prices and their Real value.

All these factors must be taken into account simultaneously, since you must ensure coherence while designing a Marketing Strategy.

Imagine, you propose a “Profitability Strategy” (check the “Marketing Strategy” page) by powering your brand name, increasing the prices, while there are numerous alternatives within the market that are much cheaper:

  • You would fail miserably.

We’ll follow with the McDonald’s example, focusing now on their price policies:

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