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Company Values

Mission statement

Offer a wide range of well-designed, functional busines products at prices so low that as many company as possible will be able to afford them.

Vision statement

To create a better everyday life for the many people.

Words to live by

Kind words creates confidence.

Kind thinking creates profoundness.

Kind giving creates love.



Oshare management include: shop, store, goods, staff, debt, cashflow, operating cost…
This helps oganization streamline and flexibly in the process manage operations, as well as improve work efficiency



Oshare is development platform with modules needed for businesses
Instead of developing each module individually, businesses only need to focus on one platform on Oshare that saves time and money. At the same time, it is more efficient during operation when data is centrally stored.

Improve your search engine optimization

The easy and sustainable way to gain better rankings and more visitors on your website.

Seobility is the tool for better search engine optimization

Seobility is an on-page SEO tool that crawls the complete website, checking it for errors and potential optimizations. Use Seobility to optimize your website for sustainable success with search engines.

seo website oshare

Web-app programming

We are not selling Software, In Oshare we design and program Web and App depend on your needs. Web-app by Oshare is solution for your facing problems, optimise business model, easy to use, all report you need, no need time for training staff.

  • Base on website, no need to install, can use on all device which can connect to internet
  • Decentralization for optimal use, each account log in each function was set.
  • Centralized database management, fast searching.
  • One second Report.

Mobile programming

We are available on IOS and Android. We were buildt on high technique which cannot be done on website. With an App on smartphone can absolute win a lot of sympathy in the eyes of customers.

  • Design consultan UI (User Interface) / UX (User Experience)
  • Complete feature consultation
  • All in one package (website, web admin, App)
  • Native clean code. We would love to consultant Cross-platform if required.



Professional web design

The most important, when you decide to use our service, you will not to be worried about technique, design aesthetics, after-sales service, maintenance, warranty, security … All you need to prepare a clear idea to consult with our Project Manager. Oshare will analyze pros and cons, giving out the most suitable features for the plan, development direction, market relevance and expected budget.

  • Consulting and implementing according to needs and requirements
  • Exclusive design interface
  • Web structure according to seo needs
  • Good display on mobile devices
  • Optimized speed user experience
  • Easy to manage

Design services

You are looking for banner, poster, facebook cover, standee design services … but you are wondering where to choose a good, low price, professional service … choose Oshare with proffessional staffs. Our members have experience, creative mind and always grasp the latest design trends to bring to you the best services.

We always want to bring the best services and benefits to our customers. Working with us, we provide a good price for printing design services to all customers

  • Package according to the sample
  • Package for loyaty customer
  • Package according to customer demand


Building a Strong and Solidarity Team is important for Managers if they want to survive and grow up business.
Internal communication helps convey the message and vision of the leader to the employees. Employees will not be aware of the importance of contributing energy to help a business achieve its goals if internal communication fails.



Easy to chat, re-marketing, send different voucher to different customer through the smartphone.
Public Relationship is one of the important stategy. C-Connect help business to have a tool to build up P.R. We are proud that customer will not miss any stategy with a low cost paid.

Fun and freedom

We put emphasis on having

a creative work environment

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